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The “Company” means Reykjavik smartbike

The “Purchaser” means the individual, or a company, who purchases The Product according to the terms and conditions set out herein and/or each participant in the tour.

The “Contract” means the contract according to the terms and conditions set out herein between The Company and The Purchaser for the sale and purchase of The Product. The Contract is binding for both parties when The Purchaser has confirmed an order for The Product and receives the receipt of a payment or order confirmation from The Company.

The “Product” means the product as described in The Purchaser´s order confirmation whose specifications are also described on the website: www.reykjaviksmartbike.is

The “Purchaser´s order” means an offer from The Purchaser to purchase The Product according to the Terms and Condition set out herein.

The “Confirmation” is a part of this terms and means undersigned statement by The Purchaser, and/or each participant in day tour, which involves giving The Company certain information and confirming information as described in the form.

Customer Service Department

Our Customer Service Department is available to assist you should a problem arise with your order and/or if you need any further information regarding The Product. Further information about how to contact the Customer Service Department is on The Company´s website, www.reykjaviksmartbike.is or send an e-mail to info@reykjaviksmartbike.is.


All of our prices are listed on our website, www.reykjaviksmartbike.is. Our prices includes VAT and taxes. The Product and our service are prepaid. Upon a payment The Purchaser will receive from The Company an order confirmation and a receipt of a payment, sent according to given contact information by The Purchaser.


Our Customer Service Department is available to assist you should a problem arise with your order and/or if the Purchaser wishes to cancel his order. In cases where The Purchaser wishes to make a cancellation regarding his order for a day tour it is necessary to contact the Customer Service Department, without unreasonable delay.

Reservation can be cancelled before 07:30 on the same day the tour is scheduled without penalty. Cancellations received after 07:31 will be charged full price. The cancellation must be sent via e-mail, info@reykjaviksmartbike.is, or The Purchaser can contact our Customer Service Department according to the information on our website, www.reykjaviksmartbike.is. Refund can take up to 10 business days to show on The Purchaser´s bank account.

If the day tour is cancelled by The Company, for example due to bad condition considering the weather or other reasons, the Purchaser will be offered another date for the tour, or The Company will reimburse The Purchaser in full according to his request thereof.